style digital 3d graffiti letters

    Actually, quite a lot of places where legal graffiti walls, one of which is in Queens, New York. Graffiti has long been accepted in the wall of building 200,000 square-foot factory in Long Island City, Queens, New York known as 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc.

    colorful tag graffiti alphabets

    Hopefully this collection of tag graffiti alphabet can inspire you to create an even better tag graffiti alphabet.

    Looks like this is graffiti alphabet letters, but I could not tell what this graffiti style. Looks very cool with the dominant color of chocolate. According to the source, this cool graffiti made with materials and technology: pen on paper drawing – felt pens, drawing paper.

    3d alphabet mural
    3d alphabet mural

    Electric style graphite stack silver combine with a little red and brown, makes this graffiti on the wall looks cool!

    3d mural graffiti virus
    3d mural graffiti virus

    I like this style of graffiti murals virus tribal! A simple idea makes graffiti a great job

    digital 3d graffiti letters

    six style digital 3d graffiti letters

    SOME BAD SOME GOOD of six style graffiti letters. The 2nd style is hardly readable for me, the others seem fine though some need extra intention to read it, but still can be presume what is it exactly. Shading is play along with the appearance of the letters. Black and white coloring that so much basic, but nothing can disturb the way of the graffiti letters to look so well made. You can see some symbol on the side of word, like the head of spray can, draw only by its tip.

    3d digital graffiti

    Graffiti Technica is dedicated to the advancement of hard electronic art and 3d graffiti. The graffiti designs and lettering on this site are completely digital as I want to create new ways of seeing to explore.

    made this graffiti using adobe photoshop, which I developed into a drawing graffiti.
    hopefully become an inspiration for your street graffiti artist.

    graffiti street art by BayuIdea

    graffiti street by BayuIdea

    graffiti street by bayuidea

    Graffiti is the name of the images or letters scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any way on the property. Graffiti is a type of consumer brands that may appear in simple forms of written words to elaborate wall paintings. Graffiti has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

    In modern times, paint, spray paint in particular, and markers have become the materials most commonly used graffiti. In most countries, marking or painting of property without the owner’s consent is considered vandalism and degradation, which is a punishable crime. Graffiti sometimes express political and social messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based on styles of spray paint graffiti. For some it is an art form worthy of display in galleries and exhibitions, for others it is simply vandalism. Graffiti has evolved into a life of pop culture often associated with hip hop underground, b-boy, and a lifestyle that remains hidden from the general population.

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style digital 3d graffiti letters

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